Our Research Methodology

We apply the broad scientific method described below to constantly study the evolving and intricate relationships observed in the financial markets caused by its market participants in an objective way. We then use our findings to write our financial research.

1. State

Think of an idea (factor, tool, model, etc.) and how it could be used to generate alpha. In other words, brainstorm.

2. Collect

Gather necessary quantitative data from reliable providers and information on the same subject from various sources.

3. Observe

Form an hypothesis that serve as an explanation to what’s observed after a review of existing knowledge.

4. Test

Test the hypothesis to isolate the phenomenom across varied business cycles and market conditions.

5. Conclude

Accept or reject the initial hypothesis based on results obtained and identify potential exogenous variables in play.

6. Publish

Reports findings in our research reports. Explain the reasoning behind the methodology and discuss results.