In the Field of Factor-Based Investing



Our Monthly Investment Insights


Inovestor Asset Management (IAM) provides discretionary investment management insights and solutions for investment advisors, individual and institutional investors. We are a dedicated and experienced team that united their efforts to focus on generating value added for our clients by strictly adhering to factor-based investing methods.

Research Insights

We leverage more than 25 years of industry experience to deliver innovative financial research. Our coverage includes 1) bi-weekly screenings using the fundamental analytic platform StockPointerTM, 2) monthly intelligence reports of the Canadian ETF industry, 3) monthly tactical strategies to generate alpha and 4) quarterly macroeconomic outlook of the US economy in a global environment.

Investment Solutions

We put our research insights into practice by creating scalable, cost effective and turn-key investment solutions to meet our clients needs. We offer factor-based Model Portfolio Strategies built upon our philosophy of Quality at A Reasonable Price (QARP). We seek to generate long-term capital appreciation, to consistently outperform the benchmark and to offer a low portfolio turnover.

Tailored Services

We deliver a broad range of investment insights and solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. These include but are not limited to ad-hoc research and custom Model Portfolio Strategies. We are committed to guide our clients reach their goals, regardless of their investment objectives and constraints. Please contact us so we can start building a lasting relationship based on trust, honesty and integrity.

Inovestor Asset Management (IAM) is the result of hard work over the last 20 years. This subsidiary creates investable solutions empowering Investment Advisors to be smarter, more efficient and client responsive.

Pascal Lefrançois, President / CEO of Inovestor

I appreciate the attention to details as it helps me understand quantitative topics more easily. It is one of the few financial research that captivates my attention and has been useful for managing our investments.

Portfolio Manager, Canadian Equity Fund